Build big online shops.

Magento is a sophisticated, full-featured e-commerce system for the retailing of products (physical and electronic). This is a serious tool for serious retailers! Magento is a fully-integrated online shop featuring flexible product display options, mobile templates, multiple transaction options, multi-stores and multi-sites functionality, advanced user accounts and loyalty programs, product categorisation and shopper filtering, configurable discount and promotion rules, plus many more functionalities.

Magento Template/Theme Design

We can design and code custom templates to plugin into Magento to ensure your online Magento shop is unique and tailored specifically to the types of products you sell.

We can also customise existing Magento templates to add features or to spruce up the design.

We offer support for your business, not just your Magento website. We do it all to make it work for you! We are here to help make sure your Magento website runs smoothly.

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