Email marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to sell your products or services to previous and prospective customers. We offer design and development to ensure your email communications are consistant with the rest of your branding. We also offer access to a user-friendly system to easily send out and track your email campaigns.

Collect Contact Details.

One of the most vital roles of your web site should be to collect contact details of visitors to your site; the customers and potential customers. Is it easy for visitors to sign up to your email database from your website? It certainly should be! We can help you with strategies for increasing the size of your email databases.

Build An Opt-in Email Database.

Our most successful clients are those that build a large opt-in email database, and communicate with their subscribers regularly. Imaginarium Designs can help you to do the same. The cost of marketing to existing and previous customers is always less than attractiving a new one.

Email Campaign Management.

Our email management software enables clients to send email campaigns, using branded templates, without any need for technical expertise. The system will send the emails, track opening and click-through rates and offer detailed reports. Unsubscriptions are managed automatically to ensure that our clients are not exposed to anti-spam legislation violations.

Email Campaign Marketing

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